Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Repostings from the original Echoes.

I was going through some of my early posts on my Echoes blog on The Stream this morning, and I came across some of the few note worthy posts that I did rather early on that I really want to keep.. In the next few days I will be sharing these re-posts on here and on my blog on Tumblr as well, and I may end up putting some on wordpress, although I'm still not sure that I want to keep that site open yet, the Jury is still out on that. I figure I'll just blend some of my older posts in with the new ones mainly so I don't lose them, and then only the few that have special meaning to me. hard to believe that most of us have been doing this for 5 plus years.


  1. Scratch:

    More than five years? That's a lot of blogger hours. :)

  2. Scratch:

    Where are those early posts from Blogstream?