Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Poem... by Anthony Timmons.

A loud crashing noise,
Awoke me from sleeping,
For upon my rooftop.
I heard footsteps a creeping.

A ball bat I grabbed,
And down the hallway I stumbled,
And in that dark empty hallway,
With the light switch I fumbled.

From the chimney’s belly,
I heard a low muffled yell,
And when the soot cloud billowed,
I knew the fat bastard fell.

So off I did go,
To call 9-1-1,
For being Christmas Eve,
This shit was no fun.

So the policemen all came,
And took him to jail,
But it was Christmas eve,
So he couldn’t post bail.

I hear he called the north pole,
With a tall tale to tell,
And he was sprung from the joint,
By a shit load of Elves.

And in a sleigh full of toys,
Into the dark night he fled,
And I heard the jingle bells ringing,
As I was returning to bed.

And when my house he flew by,
He dropped his pants like a loon,
T'was a cold Christmas eve,
With a full Santa Moon.

~Scratch.. A.B.T. Copyright© 2007.