Sunday, March 17, 2013

Close Encounter of the Strange Kind

There was a strange sound outside my door this morning when I woke up it was kind of like a rustling noise.. so I got up and cautiously opened the door to see a strange looking cat staring up at me. Cute little thing - but strange. Kinda like one of them damned Pokemon thingy's.
Me: "Are you lost little dude?"
Cat: "meow."
Me: "Sooooo, do you live around here?"
Cat: "meow."
Me: "Soooo. Why were you trying to break into my apartment?"
Cat: "meow."
Me: "Cuz you know if you're just hungry or thirsty I can get you a piece of chicken or something."
Cat: "meow."
Me: "A saucer of milk perhaps?"
Cat: "meow."
Me: "Its 2 percent.. Easy on the waistline."
Me: "Geez- You don't have to yell."
We settled for a piece of shredded chicken on a napkin with a saucer of milk on the side. tough negotiator that cat.. Dude, I'm not stupid- I swear . I just don't speak fluent kitty Cat. I need coffee.