Friday, March 25, 2011

Hitman Pro kicks Rootkit butt!

I am here to testify Friends.. Yes! testify! I have had Viruses, spyware, and various other minor pests on my little computer, but all of them pale in comparison to when you get you first taste of a rootkit bug. the little buggers latch onto something in your computer and refuse to let go.. so I got one yesterday, more than one actually, several in fact. now the little beasties didn’t change any of my passwords or anything, they didn’t try to steal any personal information. these little fucker’s were redirectional bugs. which means every time I tried to do a search on Firefox, Internet explorer, or Google Chrome to try to find a solution, the little bastards would redirect my search to a different site.

The only way I could seem to even get on line was through my programmable keyboards pre-sets. you push a button and whatever is programmed onto that key shows right up and blocks any redirect automatically, I don’t know how it works but I’m really glad it does.. through the presets on my keyboard I could get on sites like Twitter, or Facebook or blogger. but whenever I would try to do a direct search using Firefox or whatever, I’d get redirected, and to make matters worse, when I launched my anti virus to get rid of the problem Avg found them alright, but they couldn’t get to the problem therefore they couldn’t remove it.

Spybot, could find the small Spyware but not the Rootkits. so I turned to the Microsoft Malicious software removal tool, The search took over an hour and it turned up nothing. so I tried my last resort, I was going to wipe the hard drive and do a complete reinstall of Windows XP from my boot disc.. and wouldn’t you know the little fuckers thought of everything- when I loaded the disc into my disc drive it would run for a few minutes and then shut off the drive so I couldn’t start over. or at least that’s what it seemed like. Bastards. So a buddy of mine told me he had used a free program called Hitman pro 3.5. but I couldn’t go on firefox or IE or Chrome to search for it so I programmed the Site into my keyboard and snuck in through the back door and downloaded Hitman pro and did a scan.

And Presto it turned up 9 count em 9 Different Malware and rootkit programs including one that was hiding in the Boot sector of my system. so my new Buddy Hitman found and removed all of the infections, and when I restarted the computer I did Another scan with Avg and the result was no infections found. I ran spybot and every other program I have and they found no further infections. I don’t know if the little buggers are planning on coming back But I’m keeping my Hitman pro on stand by just in case. if all of this sounds a little confusing that's probably because it is. I still don’t get it myself. But so far so good though I haven’t gotten redirected in my last three searches on Firefox.. stay tuned.



    I've never heard of these things. I'll certainly check into Hitman, on the offchance that I ever contract such a vicious problem, though.

    Thanks for the info.


  2. Valuable info. I'll check them out. I can't remember if it was here or where, might have been when I was looking into a Firefox add on a few days ago, that I ran across posts with problem similar to yours. A little scary when you can't redo computer or visit sites.

  3. Scratch:

    "Hitman Pro" sounds like an apt name for that software. It did a hit job on those little bastards. :)

  4. PaulV:

    yeah it was a pain in the arse.

  5. Skinny:

    Yeah I seen after I solved it that other people were having that problem too. some of the people trying to help mentioned Hitman Pro too.. its pretty good! worked for me anyways.

  6. Whit:

    Yeah it did.. It kicked some Rootkit ass!