Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Morning.. 11/3/2013, After awhile it gets hard trying to make trees look interesting.

I knew that there was going to be cloud cover of some sort coming in from the East this morning, but I didn't know to what extent. I got up in time to make coffee- loaded new batteries in the camera, I even had time to dig out a warmer coat from deep within the mess that lives in my walk-in closet.  so I had my coffee, and locked down the apartment somewhere around 6:00 AM or so, so that left me about forty minutes to get my butt down to Fairview Drive. Halfway there, I noticed that it was getting lighter but there was no sign of any color developing what-so-ever. The whole sky was this dreary looking grey. There was absolutely zero light shining through the cloud cover, I thought I was going to get skunked again so I doubled back and went to the Governor's field bike trail to wait for a little color and get out of this cold breeze that was kicking up. the whole time I was out I got nothing. I came home feeling defeated and wouldn't you know it just as soon as I got here the color showed up. It was way too late to go back out so I played out the hand that was dealt  to me again, I ended up shooting around the wires and the trees across the street from here. I'm learning a tough lesson here, its hard to make tree's look interesting after awhile, luckily for me the ones over here are a bit different than the ones on Fairview. The treetops here have this odd little spiney fingers look to them, still I need to find something other than trees to put in the foreground. ahhh well it is what it is I suppose.

This is one of the more interesting shots I took  from this morning, the tree itself got kind of blurred out and the auto focus trained on the trees in the middle and blurred out the clouds in the background too a little, I left the wires in the shot, I just thought it was somehow better this way.