Sunday, March 20, 2011

Muammar.. Pack Your Camels.

Hey.. Muammar.. Guess what? the world hates you.. God is keeping a close eye on you, Because- guess what? he doesn't like you either. you've never been nothing to anybody except a pain in the ass, and the world would be a better place without your camel humpin ass in it. Santa even hates you. And you know all of those Chocolate Easter eggs that you’ve been getting for the past twenty years? the Easter bunny tells me that they weren’t really chocolate.. they were dried bunny shit. You’re an evil, ugly, spiteful little cretin, and you’re momma dresses you funny. You’re a bully, an asshole and a dictator and now your gonna get your ass kicked. So pick up your robes, gather up your turban’s- pack up your undies and load up the camels and get the fuck out of Libya. Come on man, save the world the trouble of putting you in your place. Man it must suck to be you.

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Chuck and MO- Kinda hard to tell the difference.


  1. I hope Gadhafi's place ends up being six feet under. The world would be a better place without some people. And that includes Gadhafi.

  2. Sherry:

    well you know.. I hear he's rich too.. so he probably has more than one.

  3. Scratch,
    Isn't that Charlie Gaddafi and Muammar Sheen? I get 'em confused.

    Oh yeah. My security word here is "enese" which I believe is the phonic way of spelling niece.

  4. Mister O:

    I get get em confused all of the time.