Thursday, March 17, 2011

When The Earth Moves.

I been through a few since I’ve been living in Nevada, but those were small tremors mostly. But I was in some pretty good shakers when I lived in California in the 70’s. one- when we lived in Los Angeles. Even that one though was small. You just don’t want to be in the big city when an earthquake strikes. it’s a weird, scary feeling to go through one. The first really good jolt that I was in; we lived on a farm in rural California. We used to be able to burn our trash back then and I had the misfortune of being beside a burning barrel. I don’t really remember much about before the quake or immediately following, But I do remember feeling these strange vibrations coming from the ground. I remember almost expecting a huge piece of farm equipment to come rolling by, and just seconds later, it felt like the whole earth was rising up under my feet. I fell, and then there was like a rumbling sound and then there was a whole lot of shakin goin on. We all got the living shit scared out of us, but nobody suffered any serious injuries. The garage was partially collapsed on one corner.

Moms dishes got thrown all over the kitchen floor and a couple of the out buildings shook pretty good, but we lived. I don’t know how long its lasted but it couldn’t have been more than ten or maybe fifteen seconds. Earthquakes- scary shit, not so much the little ones but those big bastards can be very brutal. As I watched the news this morning, the pictures from out of Japan were heartbreaking to say the least.. It wasn’t simply bad enough for them to have a quake to deal with- but the tsunami that followed it was equally devastating. I can’t even begin to imagine what those people are going through. But what I find equally disturbing is I’m hearing that The American Red Cross is warning people who want to give money for aid to watch out for scams. People who are saying that they work for charitable organizations, They con you into giving them money. so you donate thinking that you are helping the people of Japan, and what? they keep the money? Really? it’s a sad world we live in. People preying on your compassion for the victims, your emotions, your humanity, for what? A get rich quick scheme? Fucking scumbags.


  1. Scratch:

    The San Diego area got a good shaking last Easter at 7.2 on the Richter scale. I was on the second floor of our house when the earthquake began, and it seemed to go on forever, getting more violent with each second. Most tremors I don't give a second thought to, but that one got my attention.

    By the way, I like your blog list. I would appreciate knowing how you got it.

  2. Whit:

    most tremors I can sleep right through but every once in awhile we get a good jolt here that makes you stop and take notice. its a different feeling when your feet are actually touch the ground though I must say. scary stuff earthquakes. by the way-
    you can get a blog list through the same add a gadget menu where you got your video bar.

  3. We don't have those kind of earthquakes here for which I am forever grateful. I have experienced a few shaky moments due to some mild quakes, but nothing like you describe.

  4. Sherry:

    they are bad enough when your indoors when one hits, but its an eerie feeling to be outside with foot to earth and you feel the ground moving and shifting beneath you. there's no place to run to. you just try to hang on and pray.

  5. Scratch:

    My Blog List doesn't look like yours. I wonder why. And how do I add names to the list? Where do I find the URL for each blogger and do I have to type it in individually?

    Thanks for the previous instructions.

  6. Whit:

    When you open the edit menu (it's a little wrench and screw driver crossed in the lower right hand corner of the blog list.) when it opens Click on add to list and a new window will open. click on "Blogs I'm following" then it will open another window with a list of all of the blogs that you follow. just check the little white box by each name you want to add, then click add and then save.

  7. We've had a couple small earthquakes here but the first time I experienced one was when I was 15 and in a 2nd floor apartment by myself. I thought our fricken house was possessed when everything started shaking and stuff fell off the dressers. Scary for sure. It is sad that there are scam artist out there... sick really.

  8. P Bear:

    I always likened being on the upper floors of any building during an Earthquake to what it must feel like being inside a blender. everything is moving at the same time just not in the same direction.

  9. my house shakes sometimes...I think I live on a fault line of some kind, or I am getting vibrations from the tracks downtown here. I can see in the corner where the house has shifted; sometimes I worry about collapse. Earthquakes are not known to visit Eastern Kentucky here, glad for that. I can't imagine a big earthquake, that would be truly scary. Love your new blog look, its great! Hope you are having a good weekend.

  10. Miss B:

    we get the shakes every so often here in Nevada, but nothing like they get in California. thankfully