Friday, June 29, 2018

I am beginning to think that some people are simply addicted to complaining.

I don't understand why someone would want to willingly live in a place that they despise so much. Why would you want to be around people that only bring you misery? why stick around if the only thing that brings you joy is making other people as miserable as you are? purge yourself, you are responsible for your own life and it is up to you to take the necessary steps to free yourself, Follow your heart go where ever you can find peace.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Media Suckage.

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I have developed a mute button of sorts, in my brain, it automatically tunes out everything that I identify as complete horseshit, such as any of the major news networks. Whatever happened to simply telling us the unbiased truth and letting us formulate our own opinions on the matter? why can't they just report what happened and move on without distorting the story with their personal views and opinions? who in the hell is out there that we can ALL respect enough to just tell us what is happening without spinning the story to the left or to the right? I suppose it is all about the rating's game, and telling the truth just doesn't seem to fit into the big picture anymore, it all seems to be about who can tell the biggest lie and how many people will buy into their bullshit. this is why I rarely turn on the tv anymore unless it is to watch Comet. at least I still have classic Sci-Fi, for me, Comet TV is the best thing going.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

We need more Brick and Mortar book Stores

Nothing could ever trump the feeling that I got whenever I walked into our local Borders bookstore. I loved the way it was arranged, I loved the way it smelled and out of all of my favorite experience ’s in life- going to Borders ranked right up there near the top. See- I really enjoy reading a good book, but it isn’t just the reading part for me that adds to that experience, that new book smell, the way it feels in your hands, the sounds that are made when you turn each page, I am a huge HUGE book lover. But due to declining business- they closed the doors on our Borders here some time ago, they closed up shop so I haven’t been up there in some time now..
I would imagine that some new store has taken its place now, although in my head it will always be Borders, the store in my mind- is empty now, the books have been shipped off and sold to other regions of the country, and all that remains and empty dust cluttered shelves. While there is a large part of me that embrace’s technology, there is another part in the darker recesses of my soul that dwells a deep hatred of such things.. A part of me that screams  ”Screw you technology! take your Ereaders and your Ebooks and shove them both up your ass crack you godless bitch!”  I hope one day that a Barnes & Noble come here. I miss going to the bookstore. maybe I’m just getting old.

Monday, May 21, 2018

I'm starting a classic Sci-Fi collection.

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It's certainly no big secret that I have always been a classic horror fan, newer horror has for the most part just left me blah, never cared much for the blood, guts, and gore. there is usually no suspense, or build up and the story is usually pretty bad too. Maybe classic horror doesn't have all of the flash of new horror, but for what it lacks in the flash department it more than makes up for it in creating tension and atmosphere,  that all being said I do have a pretty good classic horror DVD collection going, and now I would like to start a classic Sci-Fi collection, mostly stuff from the 50's and 60's, good, clean, fun, a few that I am starting with are better known than some others. I go back to the time when stop action and models were used rather than a lot of phony bologna CG images. Are they simple? Yes.. Are they campy? Oh hell yeah.. and fun to watch. Here's some that are on the list. Do you remember any of these?

Mysterious Island. (1961)
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Journey To The Center Of The Earth. (1959)

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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. (1954)


The Time Machine (1960)

Forbidden Planet (1956)

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The War of The Worlds. (1953)

These are just a few of the movies on my list.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Race: A Dragon's Perspective.

I may be running the risk of sounding preachy or too idealistic here but- whatever happened to basic humanity? Knowing that deep down inside of each and every one of us, That there truly lived something more than a color. We all feel pain. We all can feel Love. Compassion and understanding.. Being Human. That is what we were truly intended to be at our core. Red-blooded, Love and pain feeling human beings. But there is, however, something else that drives people. Hate. Seeing the world through the blinded stare of hate can make people- Yes humans, do unthinkable things to one another. See- Now racism, I don’t get. I never have. It seems to me that it is hard enough just being a good person without worrying about someone’s perception of what color you are and how you should act in direct relation to that color. 

See me personally? now
 maybe this will sound sappy- but I am MORE than the color of my skin. I am a man first. But lets face reality here, racism has been around for generation after generation, and at its core lives mostly ignorant unintelligent scared people who would rather focus all of their energies on how we are all different rather than on how we are all the same. It won’t go away because there are people that just will not let it. So maybe it is up to the rest of us, to make it a matter of personal responsibility, to make it less about color and more about personal character, if we do not set a higher standard for ourselves, then who will? And more importantly, As individuals, if we cannot get past the color of our own skin. Then how in the world can we realistically expect anyone else to?


Sunday, November 12, 2017

This is just so messed up.

You can find some seriously messed up shit on the internet if you look hard enough- wait.. No.. actually, you don't even have to look that hard. Seriously? is this how bad America is getting now? in all honesty, if I saw this TRYING to enter the ladies room behind MY daughter- (if I had one) IT would be dead before ITS body hit the ground. no wonder children are so confused now. we set no real examples for them anymore, we, as a society have become so lost that we may never find our way back to any reasonable sense of reality.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Forever Shall it be My Truth

Since the beginning of its existence, it has moved us humans in remarkable ways, it has moved us to love, stirred our thoughts, it has crossed generations and joined us in ways that many never thought possible. It has brought both young and old together in laughter, through smiles and tears, reflected both joy and sadness in every life it has touched. It has broken down language barriers and spoke of Injustice, of love, sometimes of hate. Pure of spirit, often raw, always emotional. Invoking our spirit, Raising our voices to the highest mountain tops and to the lowest Valleys. Let it rock you, let it roll you, let it stir your soul. Music is a reflection of life. Life.. Is.. Music.. Rock on!