Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Poem... by Anthony Timmons.

A loud crashing noise,
Awoke me from sleeping,
For upon my rooftop.
I heard footsteps a creeping.

A ball bat I grabbed,
And down the hallway I stumbled,
And in that dark empty hallway,
With the light switch I fumbled.

From the chimney’s belly,
I heard a low muffled yell,
And when the soot cloud billowed,
I knew the fat bastard fell.

So off I did go,
To call 9-1-1,
For being Christmas Eve,
This shit was no fun.

So the policemen all came,
And took him to jail,
But it was Christmas eve,
So he couldn’t post bail.

I hear he called the north pole,
With a tall tale to tell,
And he was sprung from the joint,
By a shit load of Elves.

And in a sleigh full of toys,
Into the dark night he fled,
And I heard the jingle bells ringing,
As I was returning to bed.

And when my house he flew by,
He dropped his pants like a loon,
T'was a cold Christmas eve,
With a full Santa Moon.

~Scratch.. A.B.T. Copyright© 2007.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ghosts of The Internet age.

By the time you’ve come to realize that I do what I do, without remorse or regret, it will already be far too late for you to do anything about it. You’ve already stepped into it, without ever knowing, and very likely- without ever suspecting. Do not feel bad. This is what I do, and I am very good at it. This is my world, a world without borders, without emotions or feelings, in rooms without walls, I ply my trade here, I live and breathe here. In a world of numbers and words. With a few simple key strokes I can get almost anyone to talk.. Oh they were all defensive at first, careful not to say too much, they were all careful at first. But it’s like I said, I’m good at what I do. I always pick just the right screen name, the last time it was something like; Angel666. Her name was precious1. I met her in a chat room on a popular website. Oh don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details. Lets just say that we chatted for only eleven days before I had everything that I needed from her, and the truly sad thing is she didn’t even realize what she was doing. Her name was Angela Blaylocke, she was 19 years old and she lived in Queens NY. By the end of the 11th day I had her address, where she worked, even what streets she took when she walked to work. So you see? Don’t feel bad. You are not my first.

Do you even know who it is that you are talking to when you go on the internet? Can you be certain that every word that you read really means what you think it means? No, of course you can’t. Because me and people LIKE me, are so very good at concealing the most important part of this little game that we like to play on the internet. Its a game called; “Intent.” its always hard to tell what the intention really is of the other person at the other end of the connection, because that’s the way we play the game. We know what words to use, we know how to give seemingly genuine comfort, at just the right time. We know what you want to hear and we spoon feed it to you, with careful well thought out precision. We tell you what you want to hear and we pay careful attention to every word you use, because they are words that we will use against you.

Who am I you ask? why- I am your friend. I’ll make you feel safe, we’ll laugh, we’ll share important secrets, and when I have everything that I need from you, the real game will begin. I am the ghost in the machine, I am Man, I am woman, I am Child. I am whoever you need me to be. I am words and numbers, a complex mix of equations and theories. Faceless, nameless, untraceable, seemingly innocent prey, but in reality, all predator. Together we live and play in my world without regret, without exclusion, where everyone can be and is- someone. Here- you are free to indulge your every whim without fear of rejection, pain or consequence. Here it is all an innocent little game. Innocent, until I show up at your door, and here’s the beautiful part. You’ll never even know that I’m there until it is far too late.

Back to reality.

Every time I read about shit like this really happening to people on the internet, it chills me to the bone. Just writing it is kinda creepy to me. But since coming online back in 2004, from what I've learned about internet predators, I believe that this is basically how they operate. People everyday willingly give out vital information to people on the web that they’ve never even seen or met. It is a mistake that may one day cost them more than just a few numbers out of their bank account. You just never know who is out there. I know its been said a million times before, but I believe that it is a drum that can never be beat upon too loudly. Please be careful.