Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A most useful tool.

Out of all of the gadgets that I've purchased in the past few years, including cell phones, Ipod's, Mp3 players of every sort imaginable- I even found an battery operated toe nail clipper in a little shop down on Curry street awhile back. (Relax- I said found, not bought.) But out of all of the gadgets I've purchased probably the most useful would be my oval slow cooker. you can just throw all of your ingredient's in the pot- (Depending on what your cooking) throw in some herbs and spices, turn that puppy down to low, and let the aroma torture you all day.. a little while ago I put in some Lemon, Pepper, and garlic chicken.. later I'll put a bag of boil in bag rice on the stove and voila! Bliss! it would figure that the first new post I've written in weeks on either echoes blog would have to be about food.


  1. Scratch:

    You can keep the battery-operated toenail clipper. I'll take the cooker and the chicken. :)

  2. A slow cooker is definitely a staple here at the Hovel, Scratch.

    So much so, we have two!


  3. Sherry:

    Dinner was delicious. (This place needs some Emoticons.)

  4. Whit:

    I didn't buy the Toenail clipper.. the chicken on the other hand was delish!