Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Come Dig My Earth..

The trail goes almost straight up the incline is rather severe, there are towering pine trees lining either side of the narrow path, and each step that you take towards the summit becomes more labored than the ones taken previously. The path bends and flattens out for about one hundred or so feet before you start climbing again, and once again you find yourself climbing straight up. You walk another fifty feet when a wild deer darts out in front of you, you can almost feel your heart stop as it curiously gives you a glance before it disappears into the woods. After the next fifty feet of the climb you can begin to feel your calves burning, tightening up, so around the next bend you decide to stop and rest awhile, sitting on a log you notice a small family of raccoon’s across the path busy with life, one of them spots you and they all disappear into the under brush.

It makes you forget about the pain in your legs momentarily, until you stand up to finish your hike up the trail. You get the picture, nature in all of its pristine beauty. That is until you get to the summit, where the lake is. The shore line is littered with candy wrappers and beer cans and empty fish bait containers. And the farther you go around the shoreline the more you see evidence that people have been there. Getting back down the trail is a lot easier than getting up it. You get back to your car and drive back to the city to where you live. And the closer you get to other humans the more the scenery changes.

Less earth, more asphalt. Less trees, more buildings, less silence, more cars, less animals more people. The closer you get to where we are, we being humans, anyone with half a brain could see how fucked up we’re becoming more and more as time passes. We build walls as sound barriers just so they can become littered with graffiti. We build more houses to accommodate our insatiable appetite for breeding more and more children, and our disease spreads across the planet scorching the landscape with more and more track houses, condo’s and high rises all for the sake of getting a better view, leaving behind us what we built yesterday to fall into decay and creating even more urban waste.

We can build almost anything that the human imagination can inspire, but we suck at taking care of it. The evidence is as plain as the nose on your face. Take a good long look. Its in the air we breath, its in the water we bathe in and drink. There are many species on this planet that are being pushed to the very brink of extinction, and what is even more sad than that is there are some people in this world who still refuse to believe that the things that people are doing to the earth have absolutely nothing to do with any of it. Yeah I know, it probably sounds a bit preachy but hey- it makes sense to me.

Anthony Timmons 2011

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  1. Man, you made me start thinking of a hike I did in Yosemite. Wish I was back there.

    Regarding the trash, it's amazing how one tiny piece of man left trash in the wilderness can sort of ruin your whole hike. A reminder of what you thought you left behind.