Sunday, April 17, 2011

Uh oh..

This Sunday morning was supposed to be a peaceful one, not unlike many others. But instead- on this Sunday Morning I awoke in a strange flutter. The haunting feeling that something was escaping me, kept nagging at my still half asleep brain, the whole time I lye there under the covers staring at the ceiling this morning. I thought about it for several minutes and couldn't figure out what it was that I was forgetting. I got up, made toast and coffee scratching my bewildered Pumpkin the whole time, whatever it was that I was forgetting was filling my whole being with this strangely familiar sense of dread. And so I gave pause to the situation- trying to find some ominous event in my life to compare this terrible feeling to. Perhaps then I would remember whatever it was.

I tried to remember the first bully that I ever stared down, I remember that feeling well, the cold sweats, the clammy clenched fists, the feeling of uncertain anticipation of the unknown that however the confrontation would end, it would most certainly end badly for either the bully or for me. No this feeling of dread was different. No not the same feeling. I already did my taxes so it wasn’t that, not that the uncertainty of facing the taxman is any less unsettling. No I was certain, no fear could match this feeling, not meeting hostile aliens, nor the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa, not coming face to face with a grizzly bear, a mountain lion or Bigfoot himself.

So let me think back briefly, to the recent past. Perhaps there is a clue hidden somewhere? I went shopping yesterday, for food and cleaning supplies.. Nothing frightening about that, Hmmmmm.. Cleaning supplies? Well I did clean the ol tomb out from top to bottom yesterday. Yeppers.. every room of my happy little habitat is cleaned and ship shape, every room except for-- oh… God.. I forgot to clean the bathroom.. Nooooooooooo! Please god I don’t want to.. Don’t make me do it! Please.. Not that. But alas I live alone in this dungeon so if not I.. then who shall attempt such bravery? I must be strong, Time to break out the comet cleanser, the gas mask, The elbow length rubber gloves and the wet suit. Time to clean the bathroom.. Pray for me my friends.. I’m going in.


  1. Scratchy,

    When you get your bathroom done, can I borrow some Comet? Gosh, don't you hate cleaning those toilets?! ick!

  2. Miss B:

    Certainly you may borrow some comet. I hate cleaning terlets too.