Monday, April 11, 2011

There's something about this guy..

You know every once in awhile I like to leave the TV on with no sound as I'm writing, its just something that I like to do once in awhile. now here lately I seem to keep making the mistake of leaving it on one of those twenty four hour news channels. I know I know.. Dumb idea. here lately though theres this guys that keeps showing up on my TV screen, now the sound is turned down mind you, so I have no idear what he's saying - and maybe thats a good thing. but some people you don't have to hear them talk to realize that they're an asshole in the purest form.. ok now I know, that he's like the speaker of the spouse or sumpthin.. oh wait.. thats supposed to read Speaker of the house.. and his name isssss.. John ---- Ummmmmmm.... Boner... No wait.. Beaner.. uummmm wait..

I can never seem to get his name right. Lessee here- Is it Beaner? Or maybe Bonner? Or is it Boner? Bender? OK.. Now C'mon you guys help me out here. I know it starts with a "B" Hey! I have an idear. how about this? how about we all get together and throw him a good old fashioned southern neck stretching party? I could be the host! I have a rope and everything! anyhow I always seem to have trouble remembering this guys name so I think I'll just call him Asshole #1. I never thought that I would actually miss Nancy Pelosi. (I know, I Know Please don't hit me.)


  1. Scratch,
    I'm pretty sure his name is Bonehead. And by the look on his face, I'm guessing he farted and hopes nobody smells it because there's no dog handy for him to blame.

  2. Mister O:

    Bonehead.. yeah That starts with a B too doesn't it.. Completely forgot Bonehead.. well I'll just write that down.. you know... for future reference.

  3. I have uncovered the culprit who opened the door and let the Monday in. You have his mugshot right here on this post. Plant a boot for democracy, and the hellacious Monday I just experienced. I'd do it myself, but I'm not in shape enough tonight to lift my leg. Sides, I only wear a size 8 shoe.

  4. Sherry:

    Im have size 13's but if this is the guy- I'm not sure just one boot will suffice.. I may have to kick him twice or use both boots!

  5. When I look at John Boehner with the sound off the TV, he always looks like he's had two drinks too many.

  6. Whit:

    yeah he does always look a little soused now that you mention it.