Friday, April 15, 2011


Baby you’ve been hurtin,
Seems like for your whole life.
Those people don’t really see you,
And you do believe its time.
For them to cease the beating,
On the same old broken drum.
When those vicious words, cut through you.
It leaves you feeling numb.

The sanctimonious feelings,
The cold judgmental stares.
They just don’t understand you,
Nor the person hidden there.
Their whole life has been wasted,
On spewing hate and chewing gum.
And its raining, childish words,
And they leave you feeling numb.

Baby, tune out all of their noise,
And just stay true to you.
Rise above the doubters,
Their not even half as good as you.
Bullies are a dime a dozen,
People like you - there’s only one.
So when the ignorance comes a creepin,
Don’t let it leave you numb.

So when its time to face the music,
most of them run and hide.
Its just in a cowards nature
For the real truth doesn’t lie.
For even some pretty people,
Hide some ugly deep inside.
So keep up your chin up,
The numbness will subside.

If you are or you know of someone who is a victim of bullying, online or otherwise, please let them know that the ugly words that small, simple minds create aren't true. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Bullies are cowards.

~Stop the hate~ V

~Scratch.. A.B.T Copyright © 2011.~

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