Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One of those WTF moments..

Have you ever seen somebody doing something so ridiculously stupid that actually gave you one of those WTF moments? like one time at Mills Park here in Carson City I was watching a group of kids on skateboards doing all of these fancy Schmancy tricks at the skateboard track, but this one kid  was standing on top of this stone pic nic table and his plan- (I’m guessing) was to jump from one table to another on his skateboard, and they were at least 20 feet apart. I had one of those WTF moments, and I remember thinking, WHAT IN THE HELL IS HE THINKING?? well long story short he missed- (By a country mile) but he did land on the grass so I suspect the only thing that he hurt was his pride.

I see people do bizarre things all the time, and most times I’m left with the thought, “I wonder if this person’s brain is functioning properly?” A few days ago I had such an occasion, one of the machines on our line at work was all out of whack, the molds weren’t dropping onto the line properly. And when they would drop, sometimes  the tray wouldn’t load the sand mold onto the table, and when the next mold came along it would run into the first one and we would end up with a big pile of compressed sand on the loading table with a bunch of mangled cores to clean out.  A big mess to say the least, needless to say as the shift went on the problem only got worse so they finally called maintenance  over to get one of their guys to check out one of  the power panels on the machine to see if one of the censor’s were screwed up.

I swear the first thing this dope did was grab a screw driver and started poking around at shit, and as I was watching this Three Stooge’s routine unfold-  I just couldn’t bring myself to simply look away, I was thinking to myself, “Self? do you suppose he’s going to turn off the main power  to the machine before he starts messing with it?” Nooooo, silly rabbit, that would be too obvious! well I’m not sure what eventually convinced him that messing around with a live electrical circuit was a bad idea but I think it may have had something to do with the sparks that came out of the machine, Now I’m not a mainenance guy,  and I don’t know a doo-hickey from a thing-a-ma-bob, but I do know enough to turn the power off on anything that runs on electricity--- BEFORE  you work on it! well before I left work today that very same machine was doing that very same thing again, only this time the boss was over there with the maintenance guy chewing his ass out for not turning the power off again.  I don’t know what this clown was thinking the first time he pulled this stunt, but obviously he was thinking the very same thing this time too. Or maybe the real problem was, he wasn’t thinking at all.. It was definetely a WTF moment for me.


  1. He didn't say "Hey y'all watch this" did he?
    He should have.

    How do you get a maintenance position without a basic understanding of electricity?

  2. The last time I worked a job on any sort of line was at a Procter and Gamble plant that made peanut butter. Institutional-sized cans of the stuff. There was a press-type thingy that came down with six plastic lids to be pressed onto six corresponding cans, at which point the press thingy would reverse and rise to collect six more lids for the next case of cans to come along. Except one time the press came down and kept descending until all six cans went SPLOOP! Don't recall if there was an automatic shut off or somebody hit a switch but I do know the power was shut down until somebody got the lid press thingy to reverse and rise and then the power got cut off again so we worker bees could clean peanut butter off the conveyor and out of the gears and off the floor and ... (Ever want to shut down an assembly line, six institutional-sized cans of peanut butter ought to do the trick.)