Sunday, August 18, 2013

A new Camera Coming soon.. (I'm Hoping)

While I was going through my pictures folders the other day I came across some older pics that I took last year that never made it onto a blog post. And then I realized I have only ever shared- (For the most part) – any of my photography on Blogster and occasionally on Facebook but I have rarely posted anything on Blogger in concerns to my photography.   All of the pictures I’ve taken were taken with my little Canon  PowerShot A810, and mostly it is of Nevada Sunrises and (More recently)  sunsets, here lately though the zoom button on the camera has been on the fritz so I will have to be buying a new one soon. I have my choices narrowed down to 2 possibilities  #1- the Canon SX 160 IS with 16x optical zoom and 16 mp’s. #2- The Canon SX 500 IS with 30x zoom and  also has 16 MP’s. Below are some of the pictures that I took last year with my old Canon. The last pic is a little blurry but it came out with a kinda surreal feeling to it so I included it.


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