Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just Be..

I just have to say something here.

Just a thought really..

it may or may not make sense to 

anyone but me ..

But that's okay.

it has occurred to me that,

the color of your skin-

in the grand scheme of things-

has very little to do with the content of your soul.

and is really quite trivial and meaningless to me.

your sexual orientation,

be you gay, or be you straight,

Means nothing

as long as you are

at least trying to be

the best YOU that YOU can possibly be-

without exception.

Just be a human-




always reaching

always helping,


accepting of others,

not for how we are all different,

but how we are all the same.


Be human—

or just be quiet.

~Scratch A.B.T Copyright © 2011. ~


  1. Replies
    1. Ditto what slick posted!
      When I joined the Air Force I was taught my a very wise man to view those around me as having one color: Blue. I did that. Can you imagine the peace we would have in this world if we were just one color? Shit! How about one religion too?

      Great post!
      Thank you,