Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Morning Sunrise.

So I got up early this morning, for whatever reason, couldn't sleep heard a noise- whatever, checked and it said that there would be some cloud cover rolling in just before sunrise at around 6:46 AM this morning. So I threw down a quick cup of joe, grabbed the camera and the bike and headed out for the Lepire Drive bike trail- (which is quickly becoming my  favorite place to shoot from) So I get all the way to the overpass on 5th, and its still kind of this grayish- murky dark color out, thats when I picked up the camera case and discovered that the camera wasn't even in it. nice- way to pay close attention Scratch ol bean! so I hurry back to the  apartment and bolted up stairs and snatched the camera off of the desk where I'd left it, jumped back on the bike and headed back out to Lepire. I got these just before the sun came up, I noticed though that I'm probably going to have to learn to shoot in low lighting with this new Camera if I'm going to continue with my sunrise experiments. I'll go through the manual again this morning and see what it says, some of the images from this batch seem a little grainy to me, maybe its from the the image editor that I'm using but I'm not sure. anyhow I got some ok shots. I'm so ready for the fall!  

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  1. The mind is the first thing to go. Nice shots, though.