Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finally Got it!

All of the overtime that I've been putting in for the past two weeks finally paid off yesterday! although that last hour at work deliberately seemed to take its time getting over with, as soon as it did though I got home and hit the shower and immediately afterwards made a beeline to the Carson Nugget to cash my check and then it was off to Office Depot to get the new camera, I went with the Canon  SX 160 IS, with 16 MP's and 16 x optical zoom.. great little camera, and its definitely a step up from the old one. I had to buy a case as well though, the little bugger is a tad too big to fit in the old one, over all, I'm a happy guy!


  1. $169 at Office Depot, I was going to buy it at Walmart but the little bastard behind the counter kept trying to sell me a $40 SD memory card, when I knew damn good and well that I could use the old one from my first camera. Office Depot had it for the same price and it was closer to where I live, and the guy that helped me didn't try to talk me into buying accessories that I didn't need.