Saturday, June 29, 2013

World War Z.. Disaster mixed with Zombie Porn

I have always been a pretty big  fan of zombie movies, ugly- slow assed, slimy, stinky, brain munching zombies. the thing that has always captivated me about zombies is no matter how fast you run, and no matter how slow the friggin zombies run, they always manage to catch up to their prey. then you have the faster beserker zombies like the ones from the 2002 film “28 Days Later” (Fast zombies.. scary shit) and then there are the Zombies like the ones found in this years World War Z. I’m not exactly sure what kind they were, so I just call them “swarm zombies” They’re faster, even more pissed off, and hungry. and there are a bunch of them. Swarm Zombies.. Even scarier shit.

World War Z has Brad Pitt and his family in the opening scene first waking up to start the day, then having some light back and forth family banter over breakfast. Without giving anything away for anyone who hasn’t seen the film,  if you pay attention in this scene, you can clearly tell from the television playing in the background during this scene, that something in the outside world has gone terribly wrong, and by the time they reach the car and descend into the morning rush hour traffic,  all hell breaks loose. from this point on, Director Marc Foster grabs you by the eyeballs  and doesn’t let go. While he does a good job with the films direction, it is the plot where the film kind of bogged down in places for me. the acting is fine with solid performances most notably by Brad Pitt, Fana Mokoena and Mireille Enos.

The action scenes were briskly paced and  didn’t move so fast that you couldn’t keep up with what was going on, and the sight of a whole plethora of angry zombies swarming over and feeding on anything and everything and anyone unlucky enough to get caught up in their path was visually arresting. The one area of the film that was a bit of a let down for me was that there was an obvious lack of build up as to when and how the virus that caused the outbreak was created. They just jumped right into chaos. Nothing- even at closure, was ever really explained to my satisfaction.. Still, aside from a few obvious holes here and there, World War Z still managed to hold my attention for the entire length of the film and I did still enjoy it a lot. If you like your disasters  mixed well with zombie porn, you should still go and see this movie.



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