Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm a PC and I'm obsolete

I have never been much of a fan of smart phones or texting, neither reading nor writing it, I may as well learn Klingon as learn the ins and outs of text messaging. That’s probably why I don’t now nor ever will own a so-called smart phone. I never had much use for them seeing as how I don’t see the need to be connected to the internet where ever I go 24/7. That’s what I find so attractive about my PC when I have to leave to go attend to the business of my everyday life, I know I have to push myself away from it and turn it off. Maybe I’m just getting old or perhaps simply old fashioned, but I prefer my human connections be done the old fashioned way, face to face or talking voice to voice over a standard telephone.

I did join Twitter a couple of three years ago, and brother what a hot mess that was at first, Twitter, the place where the English language goes to be butchered; 140 characters at a time. I still go there but most of the people that I follow don’t write like they would text, and I can read most of what my friends there write fairly easily, but there still are a few of those pesky Klingons that insist on squeezing every half a word that they can into that 140 characters. Nope, no cell phones, no texting for this guy, no pin sized keyboard that you need a number two pencil sharpened to the point of a light sabre to try to type with. I like having a 19 inch screen with a full sized keyboard to type with, I like having to full sized speakers to listen to. 

Am I old fashioned? Sure am, is my PC obsolete? Sure, as soon as I took it out of the box it was obsolete, technology moves too fast to keep what you buy today from being obsolete tomorrow. Every year Apple, Google, Samsung and the rest of their ilk come out with the next best thing, making everything that you currently own a relic of the past. The Way I see it- people are just going to keep buying and doing whatever makes them happy and that’s ok, just so long as I’m allowed to buy and do whatever makes me happy. Let everybody else chase after the next big thing, I’m perfectly content with my little PC, sitting on my desk in my little corner of the internet.  Now if you’ll excuse there’s a football game on and I really want to watch it now. On my big screen TV, and yes I know that’s probably obsolete too. 


  1. Don't feel bad, I have been given two cell phones by my kids, but yet have activated either one. I'm soon to buy my first widescreen TV. Does that make me old? No, my father has had those gadgets for many years, so I guess I just enjoy the simple things of life...


  2. I don't have a big TV, but I've got my eye on one I would love! However, I just had to buy a new PC a few weeks back due to my other PC dying, don't know what happened to it. It just would not turn on for me to even investigate. Anyway I came by a smart phone via the pawn shop, but I don't use it for internet necessarily nor do I carry a big expensive plan; its 30 bucks unlimited text and talk and some itty data plan, and apps we can play when we are home with wi-fi or via other wi-fi connections, but other than that, I much prefer my PC for internet too! Hell as far as that goes, I'm obselete! LOL

  3. I have lI=ooked at the I-pad and those mini computer note-book things. This old Dell is slowing down (As I) and will be replaced next year.
    A cell phone today is essential. Alas, my 87 year old parents see it as a unneeded expense and neither one can recite my or sis's phone number from memory.Dad viewed by I-phone as just another expensive toy (You need to deal with kids born during the Depression) until he got us lost and I used Mapquest to take us to where we wanted to do.
    Don't fear new technology - learn about it and embrace it!