Thursday, September 25, 2014

Re-opening doors!

I suppose I should start updating this blog again, seems about right, after all it IS the representation of my very first blog on from 2005. I have been hanging out on Blogster for the past two or three years under the new name of Rantshack and no, don't ask its a long long story. anyhow all that being said I think its time to take back my original name, to dust off  the ol tomb and hang the: "Open for Monkey Bidness"  Sign in the front window.  So the Scratchman is back in the house! wait.. I guess I should've asked from the very start- Does ANYBODY still READ this Thing?? Ahh well, no matter, I can always talk to myself.


  1. Hello Rant! It's me..your friend on Blogster! (dreamsgirl)
    Love all your sites on here!
    I will looking forward for your blogs if I have time.
    Ok, Have a good day! :-)

    1. Well Hello Dream! fancy meeting you here.. Yeah I will be posting between here and Blogster from now on.

    2. You're welcome! Yes... nice to meet you on here Rant! :-)

  2. Scratchy, you haz friends. And no, we haven't read this thing in awhile. lol

  3. hey Scratchy! stopping in to say hello! So where's your creepy halloweenie postings?? keep them coming!