Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bitch is Back.

The Bitch is back. That’s right friends you heard me correctly, somebody actually found the rock that Casey Anthony has been hiding under, and as it turns out she never left the state of Florida. Investigators had been staking out her current residence for several days waiting for the opportunity to serve a subpoena relating to an ongoing defamation case involving a woman named Zanaida Gonzalez. A woman that Casey Anthony had never actually met; but claimed that had kidnapped her 2 year old daughter Caylee. As it turned out, the woman that she never met not only turned out to be quite real, but Gonzalez also filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony claiming that she had publicly damaged her reputation and credibility by publicly associating her with the disappearance and ultimately the death of her daughter Caylee when the two women didn’t even know each other. And now 26 year old Casey Anthony will be heading back to Orlando a lot sooner than she had hoped, back in court, the defamation trial will begin the first week in January.


  1. Here again, regardless of how you and a lot of others feel about Nancy Grace's day in the sun
    case- the woman was found not guilty. You can say that doesn't mean she didn't do it. That is true; but in the eyes of the law - Casey Anthony is innocent. Treat her as such.

    Let this and her go away and move on. Nancy Grace will find another case...


  2. I can't help it.. right or wrong I loathe this bitch

  3. I wonder whether she has a conscience, and if she does, does it bother her?